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Meeting Student Needs

St. Louis King of France Catholic School is successful due to several additional factors. SLKF seeks to provide opportunities for ALL students through the use of various methodologies, programs, activities, interventions and assessments.

Teachers utilize the most current and effective trends in teaching strategies. Due to the increasing diversity of students in the classroom today, the shift in education has moved from how teachers should teach to how students can learn. The trend in recent years is toward heterogeneous grouping of students with a curriculum including activities that promote learning through the multiple intelligences approach.

Teacher practices at SLKF strongly support student-initiated learning. Students have many opportunities to complete independent projects in a variety of courses at all grade levels. These include mock elections during political campaigns, elections scrapbooks, family trees, oral histories, recipe booklets, reports, poems, prayers, personal journals, essays, posters, banners, games, models, Mardi Gras floats, independent work on science projects and inventions for exhibit, as well as lab experiments using the discovery method. Peer editing is widely used in creative writing assignments and student publications. Students become involved in decisions regarding their learning experiences by choosing topics for research papers, creative writings, some reading assignments, and scheduling of tests. This allows for individualism and decision-making training.

Cooperative learning techniques are employed in Pre-Kindergarten through seventh grade. Students work in small heterogeneous groups, empowering them to perform a group task. This type of learning is evident in the classroom during activities that include problem solving, story analysis, creative writing, oral presentations, plays, experimentation, hands-on science lab activities, art projects and the use of the library and Internet to gather information for assignments.

Each school year, sixth grade students attend the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and the seventh grade students choose a location for their annual trip. These trips are intended to peak students’ interest in science, history and political science. In the fall of 2008, SLKF was one of several Archdiocesan Catholic schools connected to the Weather Bug. As a result, viewers of Channel 4-WWL TV can hear about weather conditions from the SLKF Weather Bug location. Students and teachers continue to demonstrate their innovative and creative skills through such activities.

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