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SLKF students are involved in a hands-on experience-based Science curriculum from PK2 through seventh grade.  1st through 5th grades use the McGraw-Hill Science, Louisiana Edition series to ensure continuity in the lower grades.  The sixth and seventh grades use the Glencoe Integrated Science, Louisiana Edition series to maintain continuity throughout the school.  In addition to the textbook in grades 1st through 7th, the curriculum is supplemented by a number of computer programs, video sources and lab activities.  The Science Lab is equipped with materials and furnishings needed for all grade levels to use with their Science programs. With a hands-on, multi-sensory approach, SLKF is better able to accommodate the varied learning styles of its students.  Each classroom has Internet access and Science textbooks are available online with additional reinforcement activities, tutoring and quizzes to help students to understand concepts. Videos and resource materials are available in the school library and the science lab for all teachers and students to use.

Teachers in Kindergarten include thematic units on topics such as butterflies, plants, the solar system, weather, the senses and the seasons. Guest speakers and field trips enhance the science curriculum.  Field trips include visits to the Children’s Museum, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Aquarium of the Americas, Audubon Zoo, Longue Vue Gardens, Global Wildlife Center, Bayou Segnette and the Insectarium.

Grades 1st through 7th are taught an integrated science program which includes Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences.  Students are encouraged to develop analytical, critical and creative thinking through various classroom activities.  Middle School students use the scientific method of investigation by stating a problem, hypothesizing, inferring, collecting data on each experiment and drawing conclusions.  Students in the Middle School also participate in a school science fair where they display their knowledge of the scientific method and share this with the rest of the school through presentations of their projects.  Students enhance their experiences in the various fields of scientific study through researching topics in the library and on the Internet, making models, graphing and performing lab experiments.  6th grade students attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama for three days as a culmination of their studies about space.


SLKF 6th grader enjoying Space Camp!