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In the SLKF Pre-Kindergarten programs, the approach to learning is hands-on and child-centered.  We develop and prepare readiness skills, communication skills, and expand creative expression.  Through activities, we work on fine and gross motor skills. The number one goal for our students is to develop the whole child both intellectually and emotionally.


PK3 working in small groups.

The PRE-KINDERGARTEN program at SLKF follows the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) developmentally appropriate practices, which are defined by the following core values:

  • Appreciating childhood as a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle
  • Basing our work with children on knowledge of child development
  • Appreciating and supporting the close ties between the child and family
  • Recognizing that children are best understood in the context of family, culture, and society
  • Respecting the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each child
  • Helping children achieve their full potential in the context of relationships that are based on trust, respect and positive regard

Our program strives to meet the developmental needs of each child in the areas of physical, emotional and cognitive development by providing appropriate activities and experiences.  Our approach in guiding the children in their development follows these ideas:

  • Active involvement in their learning helps children develop.  In other words, they learn best by doing (touching, tasting, smelling, listening and looking).
  • Children learn best when adults attend to each individual child through “hands-on” teaching and observation.  This approach allows for the opportunity to respond to a child’s unique interests and choice of activities.
  • Learning environments are arranged with different areas (centers), activities and a variety of materials to allow for each child’s own learning pace.
  • Parents are an important component in their child’s learning and school experience.

The faculty provides a fun, loving environment while introducing pre-kindergarten skills through age appropriate activities, both teacher and child directed, within small groups.  The day includes circle time, center time (library, blocks, fine motor skills manipulates, housekeeping, arts and crafts), whole group activities, outside play, lunch, nap and free play.  The students also participate in library, music and P.E. classes.

In preparation for Kindergarten, the PK3 and PK4 classes employ the following skill-building practices daily in the classroom:

  • Provide a print-rich environment
  • Develop phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge
  • Integrate reading readiness and pre-writing skills through age-appropriate, practical activities
  • Introduce mathematical concepts, such as one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, sequencing, number words, sorting, graphing and patterns
  • Nurture an environment rich in social/emotional readiness situations so that each child can achieve a sense of self, take responsibility for self and behave in a prosocial way.

At St. Louis King of France School, a child can transition to Kindergarten when he/she is:

  • Confident, friendly and able to develop good relationships with peers
  • Able to concentrate on and persist at challenging tasks
  • Able to communicate frustrations, anger and joy effectively
  • Able to listen to instructions and be attentive