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Grades Kindergarten through sixth use the Harcourt Mifflin Harcourt, GO MATH! series of textbooks. These books are aligned with the State of Louisiana Academic Standards and contain algebra readiness links starting in kindergarten. With all math teachers using the textbook series in their classes, a logical progression from one year to the next affords the students continuity in their math education. Each teacher in grades Kindergarten through sixth can see what the teachers in the next grades are teaching by using the Sequence of Math Skills being taught at SLKF. This enables the teachers to prepare their students to move to the next grades.

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2nd grader using a Smartboard™ during Math class

Seventh grade uses the Glencoe Math, Louisiana Edition series of textbooks, which are aligned with the State of Louisiana Academic Standards. These textbooks contain algebra links both in numerical and in word problems. Since the Middle School textbooks are aligned, the students at SLKF enjoy a logical, continuous progression from one year to the next in their math classes. Also, the teachers can easily connect the concepts for their students from year to year. The SLKF Sequence of Math Skills clearly illustrates the skills being taught in the Middle School math classes and assists the teachers in determining what supplemental materials are needed to enrich their students’ math education.

 Along with the traditional teaching methods, such as whiteboard and projector work, oral drills, and problem solving, a substantial amount of hands-on math activities, critical thinking skills, mental math exercises, cooperative learning, peer tutoring and a back-to-basics philosophy are employed. The mathematics textbooks emphasize Louisiana Academic Standards and preparation for algebra problems even in the elementary grades, building a strong base for algebra readiness when the students reach Middle School at SLKF.