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The primary goal of the Language Arts Program is to provide students with the skills necessary to read, comprehend and evaluate material in order to express themselves through written and verbal communication.  In order to meet the needs of all students, Reading and Language Arts are taught as separate subjects at SLKF in all grade levels.  Correlation and integration of the two facets of Language Arts, however, occur on a daily basis in all classrooms.  Grades first through seventh use both a writing and grammar series that are accommodating to all writers on varying levels of performance.


3rd graders reading Trumpet of the Swan

The primary grades’ curriculum includes phonics, spelling, grammar, both silent and oral reading, story time and creative writing activities.  In grades fifth through seventh, reading skills, grammar, vocabulary, oral presentation, critical thinking skills and creative writing make up the core of the Middle School curriculum.  Students explore all styles of writing such as stories, poetry, essays, books, research projects, letters, editorials and plays.  Fifth through seventh grades are entered in both state and national poetry and short stories contests.  In all grade levels, enrichment activities are used to promote and enhance the student’s academic achievement.  Students in grades kindergarten through seventh express themselves through daily journal entries.  Students have access to over 12,000 books in the school library and to language arts computer software in the computer lab. Students are afforded the opportunities to observe the English language at work via guest speakers, field trips and live stage performances.

In Middle School, reading is literature-based.  Reading comprehension, inference skills, vocabulary building, sequencing and figurative language are taught.  Students in Lower and Middle School are assigned novels for classroom use as well as independent reading throughout the year supported by analytical writing activities.  Students in Lower School are also assigned age-appropriate novels and learn through follow-up writing activities.  English grammar is emphasized with daily sentence activities, proofreading marks, peer editing and peer responding activities, writing exercises using story prompts, sentence builders, rubrics and structured topics.  Throughout the school year students of the Middle School help to revise and edit stories written by Lower School students.