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Students in Nursery (PK1) through Kindergarten are taught Spanish and the curriculum at this level is used to familiarize the children with the basics of the language.  The focus is on numbers, colors, basic greetings and other rudimentary vocabulary such as the names of family members, animals, parts of the body and items commonly found around home and school.  With the support of many audio-visual aids, puzzles and other language games and activities, these goals are achieved.

The work done in Nursery (PK1) through Kindergarten is reinforced and continued in a manner appropriate to each grade level with an emphasis on the development of vocabulary.  Students begin to learn simple grammar principles and basic conversation skills.  A variety of audio-visual aids, as well as language games and competence building activities are utilized to attain these goals.  Books are available for students in the Spanish classroom and in the library.


Mrs. Bertha with 1st Grade

In Middle School, more complex grammar principles are taught and vocabulary is expanded.  The study of Spanish culture is infused into the curriculum.  Instructional techniques include the use of audio-visual aids, language learning games and online learning programs.