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Computers and Technology

Computer technology is everywhere!  In this day and age, our children are the “Digital Natives” while WE are the “Digital Immigrants”.  Although that’s not going to change, the Computer curriculum at SLKF strives to harness the students’ aptitude and put it to use while incorporating the basic concepts of technology and computers.

One hundred and fifty computers have been placed in the classrooms, library, computer lab, faculty lounge, and administrative offices ensuring that teachers and students have significant access to technology.

The computer lab is equipped with twenty-six Apple iMac computers for students use with a full-time computer teacher.  Students also have at their disposal access to seventy-five Apple Macbooks found in laptop carts.  All students in grades kindergarten through seventh grade are scheduled once a rotation for computer class.  They are instructed in computer literacy, introduction to the Internet, keyboarding skills, Internet safety, office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel & Power Point, digital photography, podcasting and audio/video recording.  Students use both desktop and laptop computers for research and projects throughout their entire curriculum.

All teachers have been in-serviced on basic computer skills, Internet usage for research, and technology that has been implemented in classrooms.  Students are encouraged to use word processing for assignments and presentation software for their presentations.

IMG_1406 Revised

PK4 learning in the computer lab!

Many other types of educational media equipment are readily available to teachers and students.  Televisions, VCR and DVD players, projectors, Smartboards™, SmartTable™, overhead calculators, video iPods, digital cameras, video cameras, flash drives and a collection of educational software titles are in the classrooms or housed in the computer lab, library and laptops for use.

Grades at SLKF School are generated using online grade books.  Progress reports and report cards for first through seventh grades are distributed electronically.  All school database, attendance, discipline, reporting, and billing records are recorded and monitored by software designed specifically for this purpose – RenWeb.  RenWeb also includes individual webpages for teachers and their classes, and enables students and their parents to view homework and grades as well as download assignments, handouts and any other information necessary from home.

Alumni, parents and students can also access the school website at www.slkfschool.com to obtain information about upcoming events, schedules, extracurricular activities and lunch menus.