Fresh Fork Lunch Information (PK2 through 7th Grades)

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SLKF Lunch Card Order Form 2022 2023 


SLKF Lunch Program 2022 2023

Purchasing/Renewal Guidelines, Charging and NSF Policy

Lunch Cards MUST be pre-paid. If your child eats once a week or once a month, he/she needs a pre-paid lunch card to receive lunch. Lunches will no longer be given on credit. Lunch Card renewals must be done in advance in a timely manner to avoid interrupted service. Fresh Fork will send an email for advance renewal of your child’s 10-Day and 30-Day Lunch Card. If payment is not received after 5 days of charging, lunch service will not be allowed. There are no extra snacks or food to provide to anyone without a pre-paid card. Parents will need to deliver a lunch to school if they do not have a current pre-paid lunch card.

Any checks returned for NSF will be charged an additional $40.

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